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Orphaned Indira Valaithan grew up practicing Kalaripayattu day and night and by age fifteen, became the first female instructor in the male-dominated sport and the pride of her adopted father's eye. But a series of murders involving a rare coin - just like one Indira was found with as a child - tear her away from her responsibilities and take her on a nighttime hunt through Kerala for answers about her past. Forced to choose between giving up her coin and learning her birth family’s fate, her ultimate decision binds her to a path that will rule her own fate - forever.

Praise for The Binding Witch and the Bounty Hunter

The Kate Roark Magic Series #2


“Kate is a delight to read – strong and brave, but with a lot to learn about life, love, and magic. Joining in her victories and misadventures is pure fun.” – Annette Moncheri, author of Madame’s Murder Mysteries

“Kate Roark is a strong and complex female lead who is sure to be every teenage girl’s idol.” – Shannon Winton, Novel Nurse, Developmental Editor

“Magic, snark, and demons. What more do you need?”
– Wayne Basta, author of the Aristeia trilogy

Praise for The Binding Witch and the Fortune Taker

The Kate Roark Magic Series #1


“This is a promising start to a believable world where magic intersects with reality. This was my kind of story.”
– Amazon reader

“Kate is a shrewd teenage girl snarking her way through magic and misfortune when she realizes Renfest patrons are being altered into mindless consumers by the eerie fortune teller next door. I couldn’t put this down. It’s a wonderful introduction to the Kate Roark Series.”
– Shannon Tierney, author of Another Mouth to Feed

“I loved the characters and their great sense of humor. I smiled all throughout the book.”
Amazon reader

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